Little-known Facts About Airplanes

Little-known Facts About Airplanes

Planes have definitely changed a lot since it was invented. From cloth and wood contraptions to the elegant and sleep Boeing Dreamliners, the airplane’s technology, and design unquestionably have come a long way. It doesn’t stop there because engineers and scientists continue to make aerospace technology advancements as the years go by. From luxurious seats, … Read more

Introduction to Aerobatics

aircraft aerobatics show

Aerobatics is a form of maneuvering aircraft in altitudes that are not typically used in regular flights. Aircraft that are used in aerobatics are mostly made for recreation, training, sport, and entertainment. Most aerobatics stunts include rotation and spinning of the plane, and it is often combined to form a complete sequence for competition or … Read more

What is Aeromodeling?

Fokker F28 static desk model

The world of aviation is home to different disciplines. All of these disciplines come together to design, create, and innovate new types of aircraft. Whether it may be real-life war aircraft or simply model aircraft, there is a lot more than what meets the eye. It is estimated that more than a million people are … Read more

Types of Model Aircraft

A model aircraft of Lockheed model 9 Onion

There was a time when model aircraft were powered by only gasoline engines and the categories were as broad as well. Today, you have model aircraft that feature different types of engines that serve different purposes. Some are meant to showoff acrobatics, while others are used for training purposes. Deciding what type of model aircraft … Read more